Manual breastpump Harmony

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Ref.: ME 101041149
Manufacturer: Medela

Manual breastpump Harmony Medela

For occasional use - Single pumping - Manual breastpump

The most efficient and reliable manual breastpump available that allows you to mimic your baby's natural nursing rhythm.

Reduced pumping times so you have more time for what matters
Adjustable handle and manual operation enable comfortable pumping
Ideal for full-time breastfeeding moms who prefer to manually pump their breastmilk
30 Day Warranty

When your baby is born, there are a number of areas that are still very underdeveloped. One vital area is your baby’s immune system. Your baby’s immune system will continue to develop and mature over the first 10+ years of his life. But during the first 12 to 24 months, he will rely almost exclusively on your breastmilk for the immune protection he needs.

Breastmilk is also the perfect nutrition for your baby. It provides exactly the right mix of nutrients and protective antibodies that your baby needs while constantly changing to respond to the growth, nutritional and immunological requirements of your growing child for as long as you continue to provide him/her breastmilk. There are life-long health benefits for both you and your child that can be linked back to breastfeeding and breastmilk feeding.


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