Schwinn Interval Royal Knight Travel System

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Ref.: DO 01137CEGC
Manufacturer: Safety 1st

Take the road, the trails or the baby tracks with you using the Schwinn Interval jogging stroller and the onBoard 35 LT Infant Car Seat. This combination of stroller and car seat brings versatile efficiency to your baby arsenal on the go. Easily converts from a normal stroller to a jogger, and the adjustable handles allow you to push in comfort.

Recommended age: 6 months or more
Maximum capacity: 73 kg (50 lbs)
Jogging stroller allowing you to carry your baby in your race
5-point harness securely secures your little one for added peace of mind
Includes an awning protecting your child from the sun and a place in the shade to take a nap
Very large basket offering plenty of storage space on the road
Adjustable handles that can be customized to achieve the ideal angle
Easy access tray with cup holders so you can stay hydrated
Premium seat cushion and padded straps for baby comfort
High-performance shock absorbers and rolled ball bearings to move smoothly, no matter the terrain
Convenient for parents
Convertible front wheel locks for jogging and swiveling back to normal mode
Bicycle tires filled with air providing gripping traction

Includes Safety 1st OnBoard 35 LT car seat for superior fit and safety
Rear-facing for infants 1.1 to 15.88 kg (4 to 35 lbs)
Side impact protection B41 improves safety
4 harness heights ideally spaced, giving children and adults a better fit
Head and body inserts providing extra support for newborns
In a single gesture, you are assured that baby is held firmly
Adjustable base provides the perfect fit for your vehicle
Rear-facing seat capacity: 4 to 35 lbs
Cushion easy to move from car seat to stroller when you want
Side impact protection in the event of a collision
Machine washable seat cushion for easy cleaning
Curved handle with rubber for a firm grip and comfortable
Removable headrest gently supports your baby's head and keeps it upright
5-point harness keeps baby securely in place with straps securely attached to each shoulder, hip and between legs
QuickClick technology makes it easy to move the car seat from the car to the stroller


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