Peluche Touch & Musique Sophie La Girafe

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Ref.: QK SLG-230806
Manufacturer: Sophie La Girafe

The Touch and play music is evolutive and helps baby to grow up from its first months of life.

It’s both a friend to cuddle and a plush which stimulates its senses of touch and hearing.

It develops as well its fine motor skills and allows baby to understand the cause and effect relationship.

When baby touches both sensors at the same time, a musical note is activated.

If 2 or more players, each of them must touch one plush sensor and tap between themselves on their skin to activate a musical note.

The technology works with skin contact which serves as conductor between both plush sensors.

This technology is safe for baby since the intensity that passes through the body is far too low to have any effect on the human body, even on a newborn baby.

This has been checked and confirmed by a pediatric cardiologist. Studies show that the human body feels a trickling sensation, considered as safe, from 500 micro amperes. With the Touch and play music plush, only 0,5 micro amperes is needed to trigger a musical note.

By the way, this technology is similar to the one used for smartphones and tablets touch screens.


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