MiniHip Pocket Diaper - Butterfly

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Ref.: MI CAP 31
Manufacturer: MiniHip

Superb design, original prints and an impeccable fit with 2 rows of snaps.

Pocket diaper with 2 inputs for the inserts and a snap at the back.

AWJ interior and comfortable with elastics adjusted to avoid the leaks!

Try them with the MiniHip bamboo inserts for optimal absorption!

Adjustable from 8lbs to 38lbs

Designed in Quebec. Made in China

* Without insert

Un design superbe, des imprimés originaux
Ajustable environ de 8 lbs à 38 lbs
Inserts disponibles

Textile Composition:
Outside: 100% laminated polyester
Inside: 100% polyester (AWJ)

Wash and Care Instructions:
- Remove excess solid residues in the toilet and store the soiled diaper in a dry place (in a wet bag)
- Pre-wash the layer with cold water in the machine taking care to remove the inserts from the pocket beforehand (normal wash cycle in warm)
- Machine wash (long wash cycle for heavily soiled clothes)
- Hang to dry in the sun (the sun helps to remove resistant stains) or dry at low temperature.
- Clean stained diapers ideally for 1 to 2 days (idealy wash 12-18 diapers at the same time)
- Do not use bleach or fabric softener
- Do not use cream for rash incompatible with washable diapers (contact us to know wich one is ok)

 *Go see in forums to know the right routine for you.*

Manufacturer's Warranty
All Minihip products are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects.
The warranty is honored by Minishack.
For more details, please consult their warranty policy:
For warranty claims, please contact Minishack at
Be sure to attach a photo or video of the defective product and proof of purchase.
Each situations is different, contact them and they will help you.

Made in China for a Quebec company


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