Tender Care

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Tender Care Medela
Breastfeeding may seem like the most natural thing you can do, but the truth is that like everything else, breastfeeding is a learned skill. Both you and your baby have to get used to each other and some moms may need a little help to get through.
A bad latch can quickly result in sore and often damaged nipples, which can make the whole breastfeeding experience more complicated. You may also notice soreness from normal postpartum skin changes around the nipple. If this happens, make sure you immediately get help to fix the underlying problems that have led to your pain. It is important to know that you are not alone in this and there are ways to improve things.

Tender Care Lanolin & Hydrogel provides soothing relief from sore/cracked nipples while breastfeeding.T
ender Care Lanolin helps you address the immediate issue of nipple pain and damage. A natural moisturizer produced by sheep, lanolin promotes moist wound healing and has been shown to reduce inflammation, protect skin's moisture barrier, and kill bacteria. Yet it is totally safe for baby to consume, so there is no need to wash it off before you nurse.

Hypoallergenic, all natural ingredients
Safe for mom and baby with no need to remove before breastfeeding

Available in 59ml tube

Throughout our history, we have been pushing the boundaries to create safe and efficient products based on research. This leads to innovations such as the 2-Phase Expression Technology, a technology that mimics a baby's natural sucking rhythm, resulting in getting mothers more milk in less time. Most of Medela's breastpumps are based on this technology. Medela's most recent innovation is Calma, a feeding solution where the baby can maintain his natural feeding behaviour learned on the breast and therefore drink, breathe and pause regularly.


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