Good Dodos Crib Mattress

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Ref.: AV 89 267
Maker: Forward

Bon Dodos high density mattress, thermo-bonded fiber that gives firm and evenly distributed support for a good night's sleep. The foam-filled vinyl sleeping surface is hypoallergenic and phalate-free. It also meets federal flammability standards. This waterproof mattress is covered with a vinyl that is tear-resistant, odor-resistant, stain-resistant and provides protection against mildew. It is ideal for use with most cribs.
Vinyl upholstery filled with hypoallergenic, phthalate-free foam
Water, stain and odor resistant
Thermo-bonded fiber interior (provides firm support for babies)
Flammable (Federal Standard 16CFR1633)
7 year warranty
Made in Quebec

It is odor, water and stain resistant. Plus, it's flame retardant.
Mattress thickness: 5.5"
Comfort: Firm
Interior composition: Foam
Exterior composition: Vinyl
Safety and Security Feature: Flame Retardant, Fire Resistant
Cleaning Care: Wipe with a damp cloth
Dimension : 5,5" x 52,0" x 27,5" W D
Weight: 7.0 lbs.
7 Year Limited Warranty, Manufacturer's Warranty

This warranty includes 1 year unconditional warranty against all interior defects. (Even if it is stained)
Then, after 1 year, the lifetime warranty includes tears, seams, and severe sagging of the mattress.
The depression caused by the body as well as a slight deflection which appears on the mattress is normal and does not mean that the mattress is defective.
You can remedy this situation and obtain longer-lasting comfort by turning your mattress frequently, thus allowing for more even wear.
For hygienic reasons, any stain or dirt on it voids the warranty.
For any manufacturing problem appearing on this product during the period covered by the guarantee, contact your retailer, remembering to provide your proof of purchase.
You will achieve long-lasting comfort by turning your mattress frequently.


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