Dream Belt Sleep Belt

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Ref.: BM A062005
Maker: Babymoov

The Dream Belt Sleep Belt was created in co-creation with moms and midwives. Expectant mothers participated in our marathon, the aim of which was to understand the main problems of expectant mothers during pregnancy. The goal was to imagine the product of their dreams to ensure optimal comfort. This is how 3 prototypes were born during this marathon.

Babymoov has identified different problems during pregnancy: anxiety, back pain, style... Comfort problems during sleep were the most shared among mums. Together with the Babymoov team, this new trendy and practical belt was born!

In order to offer the best product to expectant mothers, Babymoov co-created the product with midwives who supported, monitored and validated the belt at its various stages of development.

Product description

The Dream Belt sleeping belt is the result of a co-creation with mothers and midwives, to improve comfort during the night. Two rubber bands support the belly of the future mother and allow her to have a comfortable position when she is lying down. The Dream Belt attaches easily thanks to a scratch in the back. Finally, 2 memory foam reinforcements are located on the sides: they fill the gap between the belly and the mattress, for optimal comfort in the lateral position.

Why you'll love it:

An ergonomic belt that follows the movements of the body during the night

It supports the weight of the belly when sleeping on the side

It adapts to all sizes and stages of pregnancy thanks to its adjustable velcro

It can be worn directly on the skin or over clothing

Machine washable at 40°

How will it bring you comfort and serenity?

2 elastic bands to maintain the belly

easy velcro closure at the back

memory foam reinforcements

stretchy fabric to fit all stages of pregnancy


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